• Gaming TRANSFORMER Optical Mouse-7 buttons

TRANSFORMER Gaming Optical Mouse-7 buttons

TRANSFORMER gaming mouse has an extremely accurate A704 sensor. This mouse is made for right-handed players. It is equipped with a total of 7 buttons and a roller. The FIRE button allows several times very fast and accurate image in one click. Teflonglider enables precise movements with minimal friction resistance. The pressure on the buttons is 70g. The mouse is weighted with metal weights up to 131 g. Mouse acceleration is 8G and the refresh rate is 4000 fps. The surface of the mouse is covered with a thin layer of rubber so that it is better located in the hand. The muskabel is in a textile braid which makes it stronger and harder to tangle. Designed to ensure the highest accuracy and frequency of images. In addition, you can change the shape and size of the mouse by removing or adding an additional element. Thanks to the extra button, you can quickly change the DPI on four levels. The currently selected DPI value is signaled to the user with the mouse backlight color: 800DPI (green) 1600DPI (orange) 2400DPI (red) 3200DPI (yellow) - USB connector - Very precise A704 sensor - 800/1600/2400 / 3200DPI resolution (each level different backlight color)<br><br >- 7 buttons (including fire button) and roll - Rubberized surface - illuminated - Heavy (131g - weighted with metal weights) - Game cable (textile braid) - 4000fps speed - 8G acceleration

Gaming TRANSFORMER Optical Mouse-7 buttons

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